New Concept

ShippersForum hosts a number of forums each year to help us stay informed about what is on your mind, right now.

When you speak, we listen.

E-communication is a great way to stay in touch, even though at ShippersForum we believe that meeting in person is often the shortest distance from question to solution. With the COVID-19 pandamic we have also learned that with E-communicatioons and online events, we are reaching a whider audience and enables us to organise smaller events that are more regional or country level.

We would like to invite you to join us at one of our future forums and put your imprint on the project logistics & breakbulk market.

This year we have rebranded ShippersForum with a new logo but specialy with a new format where there is more room for shippers and project logistics providers. To achieve this we have linked up with a Project Logistics Network organisation that has expert members in the firls and that we will invite to host the country specific E-forums.

Stay tunes for more updates soon.