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Don't just hang in there....

With ShippersForum you will be able to get ahead of the game in Project Freight Management, Project Logistics, and Heavy Lift Logistics. ShippersForum offers frequent Summits and Forum discussions to keep you informed of the changes in the industry.

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Shippers Summit

Regularly ShippersForum will organize Global and Regional summits.

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Together with other shippers we will look at the innovation in the industry

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ShippersForum is a platform that organizes forums and summits for Shippers and in particular for the Project Freight and Heavy Lift industry. There have been a great number of changes on this side of the industry which has created the need for shippers to discuss the changes so that they can adequately anticipate on these changes and be prepared for them.

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Leadership Summit 2016 Amsterdam

ShippersForum organizes several Forums and Summits where Shippers can discuss the changes in the industry as well as discussing solutions for issues that have been in the Project Freight.

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Need for Transparency

We see that the need for transparency is becoming a necessity rather then a nice option. Due to restructuring of the corporations either in the manufacturing, or EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction, or in the Oil & Gas industry, the number of people working on the Project Logistics and Freight Management is diminishing and not for long there will not be sufficient know how and enterprise left. This is why change is inevitable.

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Many shippers have lots of questions

This is why part of every summit there will be room for Q&A's whereby people from the industry, whether this is a ocean liner, airline or other type of company, invited to participate in the discussions and to be there to answer questions.

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There is a lot of innovation in the industry however this is not always well communicated. ShippersForum will try to communicate all innovations that take place for the Heavy Lift & Project Freight and hopefully bring a better understanding to where it should be.

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