Leadership Summits & Forums

The first ShippersForum Leadership Summit will be on February 24th 2017. We will hold this summit in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The summit shall have a number of topics that are believed of being the top questions shippers have and which they would like to have taken serious.

ShippersForum is an initiative of iBrabble B.V. (Education & Events). iBrabble has been working with some shippers in the Project Freight and Heavy Lift industry to see if there would be a need for such forum or summit and the reactions have been positive. A similar setup have been in a small form during the BreakBulk conferences however these meetings were not longer then just a few hours and not many topics could be discussed. Also, the BreakBulk has decided not to continue with this platform.

Amsterdam has been the center for entrepreneurs in the middle ages when the V.O.C. (East Indies Company) has been formed as a collaboration company and partnership to reduce the cost of transport and to better plan the trade.

Not much has changed as Amsterdam is still the center of trade in many ways. It hosts the first financial Bourse which has been modal for the Wall street markets. At the same time just outside of Amsterdam is the Worlds largest flower auction center. Amsterdam is still the largest coco harbor in the world where most of the coco being traded goes through the port of Amsterdam.

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